As The Ritz prepares to enter its 72nd year in existence, and its second year under the enthusiastic helm of Larkin & Jacqueline Stallings, we pay homage to all the fine and friendly souls who have come in and out of the doors of this Island institution – there’s no other word for it. Many thanks are due to our mainstays and our mavericks alike –  some of you fit both of these categories!  (Hi Tom, Greg and Bob) So – we salute every one of you and what y’all bring with you to the ongoing Ritz story. It’s true that we all carry histories; they’re with us everyday. As we continue to move forward, we wholeheartedly invite all of our friends (both old and new) to join us in creating more memories here at The Ritz – the best live dive and gastrodive on The Rock! 

Here’s to all tomorrow’s parties, Cheers!     

Many Thanks and Lotsa Love,

The Ritz Crew 2016

by Caroline Derrig 

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