we made it: 1 year!

2015/2014 definitely looking more island-y
Jimmy, Jackie, Larkin…definitely looking more island-y

After celebrating our first year anniversary last week as the new owners of the ‘ol Ritz, we now consider ourselves well steeped in island life.

We kicked off the week with our little “live dive” being named as the Best Live Music Venue by Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. Humbled by the support of our amazing staff and island locals, we figure now, the bar has been set. We will continue to support island musicians and provide great food at great prices with great service for our year-rounders, our regulars, our community.

We truly appreciate our staff, our “team”. They give so much of themselves to make this little bar, the best it can be. Thank you to Jimmy, Scotty, George, Andy, Ali, Freddie, Caroline, Renee, David, Matt, Flip, Alex, Sean, Nina & Marco.


The proverbial cherry on top of our anniversary celebration was a visit from the “36Hours” crew of the New York Times. They visited several island locales that would make up a good “go to” list while visiting this amazing island.  Needless to say, Larkin and I were honored to be included, and of course, we turned the spotlight into a giant party! Thanks to everyone that came out and joined in our celebration. The Rejuvinators featuring Tom Major with Paul Size, Pinto Abrahams, Brendan Karlalekas and vocalist Mark Grandfield rocked the house, keeping that dance floor packed all night!rejuvinators


I’m hoping that the “36Hours” crew had as much fun with us as we had with them.  They are an incredibly talented, vivacious group of kids, who clearly have made great life choices. They really do have a pretty cool job: traveling all around the world in search of the best places to see, eat, drink and visit.  Where can I sign up?


We have a big weekend coming up…July 4th is here!  Jimmy has the bar stocked, George is rocking the kitchen and we have a line up of live music that’ll make your holiday weekend one hell of a party!

See you at The Ritz!


6 thoughts on “we made it: 1 year!

  1. Wendy Gray says:

    I grew up at the Ritz.(They weren’t strict about checking ID’s in those days.) So happy you have made music a priority and that it is still going. It is going on 44 years that I’ve been going to the Ritz.


    1. Lola says:

      Wendy, the music on this island amazes us and we want to help sustain the tradition of local musicians having that place they can always count on to showcase their talents. Thanks so much!


  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations! I can’t say how happy I am that you’ve kept the Ritz experience alive and even improved it without taking away its unique local friendly flavor.


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